Why does Bharti want her child to work in McDonald’s after 16-18 years? Learn

Comedian Bharti Singh has said that she wants her children to work along with studies after the age of 16 or 18. He says that in today’s time earning everyone in the house is very important.

Comedian Bharti Singh

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comedian Bharti Singh Recently became the mother of a child. She wants her son to work after reaching the age of 16 or 18. Bharti was talking in the Instagram live session of Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia, during which she said this. Bharti and her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa became parents to their first child this year.

Talking about the work, Bharti Singh said that both Harsh and I are taking limited work. We are working carefully. Work is necessary, work is necessary in view of the child. As far as I think we can work for him only for a few years. Afterwards he will have to do the work himself.

Children should not ask parents for money after a time: Bharti Singh

Bharti further said that like children study in America and work part time. I am in favor of it. I believe that children should not take financial help from parents after an age, this age can be 16 or 18. What is the problem if Bharti Singh’s boy studies and works in McDonald’s. Bharti’s daughter should study and work in a salon, which guides people to take appointments. I would be very happy if my kids do part time because it is very difficult to survive in Mumbai these days. All the people in the house are earning, only then you can walk in Mumbai, because there is a lot of inflation, there are many diseases.

Bharti was trolled after the birth of the child

She said that becoming a mother has changed her life a lot. Those who used to say that my life will end after becoming a mother, they are wrong. My smile has increased, my laugh has increased. Bharti also told that when her child was 12 days old and she came to work, people trolled her a lot. He told that people said that you are not ashamed, leaving the child and earning money. Right now he needs your milk, not you stage. What is it that leaves a 12-day-old child.

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