Why is CM Mamata Banerjee enraged by The Diary of West Bengal?

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee (file photo)Image Credit source: PTI

Kolkata: ‘The Kerala Story’ The dispute is still going on. Despite the Supreme Court’s order, the film is still not being shown openly in the cinema halls of Bengal, but now a new film ,The Diary of West Bengal,Controversy has started regarding. Even before the release of the film, the director of the film, Sanoj Mishra, has become a victim of the anger of the Chief Minister of the state, Mamta Banerjee.

The police has sent a notice to him for this film. The film’s director Sanoj Mishra has been asked to appear before Inspector Subrata Kar, the additional in-charge of this police station. He has been asked to come to the police station on the 30th at 12 noon.

Former state BJP president Rahul Sinha tells TV 9 Hindi that the truth is actually coming out from the film. The truth was also revealed in its ‘The Karela Story’. The government had banned that film, but the Supreme Court rejected the ban.

He said that again the state government and Mamta Banerjee are afraid that the truth will come out. That’s why a notice has been sent to the director of the film even before its release, but the truth cannot be hidden from the public. The truth will come out one day or the other.

TMC furious after seeing the poster of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’

A top Trinamool Congress leader says that looking at the trailer of the film and seeing the poster, it seems that through this film an attempt is being made to destroy the image of TMC and Mamata Banerjee.

He said that the way a woman has been shown in the trailer of this film and she is wearing a plain saree of blue paad and has a small watch in her hand and is seen giving a speech. The hair tie is maintained. At a glance, it seems as if she is Mamta Banerjee and this is a completely BJP sponsored film.

He said that this is an attempt to harm the image of Mamta Banerjee. There is an attempt to hurt the sentiments of people of a particular community. It is being alleged that it is spreading lies in the name of showing the truth. He said that the trailer of this film has attacked the state government and the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Attempt to damage the image of Mamta government

Senior political analyst Partha Mukhopadhyay says, “The present government is following a strange policy. Trinamool Congress first opposed ‘The Kashmir Files’. Then ‘The Kerala Story’ was banned and now the film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ has not even been released. A notice has been sent to its film director.

He said that after the report of the Sachar Committee, the Muslims had realized during the rule of the Left Front and during the rule of 34 years, the Left had not done any work for their development and now under the rule of Trinamool Congress, a section of Muslims Started thinking about things.

He said that the victory of the ISF MLA from Bhangarh and the defeat of TMC in Sargardighi indicate in the same direction. Explain that the number of Muslim voters in the state is about 30 percent and this community had openly supported Mamta Banerjee’s party in the last Lok Sabha elections and assembly elections.

TMC is taking vigilance before Panchayat elections-Lok Sabha elections

Recently, after TMC’s defeat in the Sagardighi assembly by-election, it was believed that a section of Muslims are angry with Mamta Banerjee. After that Mamta Banerjee has taken several steps while controlling the damage.

Changed the minister and changed the president of Minority Morcha and now CM Mamata Banerjee has openly opposed the central government and before the Lok Sabha elections or before the Panchayat elections, she wants to give a message to the minorities that Trinamool Congress is with them.

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