Why is Musk’s Amnesty Poll Big for Twitter?

Many experts are worried by Elon Musk’s announcement and have predicted an increase in incidents of harassment, hate speech and misinformation on Twitter. He says that his move can lead to the return of many banned accounts.

-Kavita Pant

Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk will give amnesty to many banned Twitter handles amid threats expressed by activists and online security experts. but for Musk Has run a poll on Twitter asking followers whether they should unban some accounts. He recently tweeted, ‘Should Twitter offer an amnesty to suspended accounts, provided they haven’t broken any laws or been involved in serious spam?’ 72.4 percent of the respondents voted yes. Musk retweeted on Friday, ‘People have kept theirs. The amnesty will start next week.

Musk did a similar poll on Twitter to restore Donald Trump’s account. However, Musk’s tweet did not specify which accounts could return to Twitter. Soon after the voting, discussions started on the possibilities of restoring many handles in India. Some of the prominent accounts suspended on Twitter include actor Kangana Ranaut, her sister Rangoli Chandel, American rapper Azealia Banks and Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

Worried about withdrawal of banned account

Musk’s announcement alarmed many experts and predicted an increase in incidents of harassment, hate speech and misinformation on Twitter. He says that his move can lead to the return of many banned accounts. These include people like David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Steve Bannon, former advisor to Donald Trump, British commentator Katie Hopkins. The Center for Countering Digital Hate, a campaign group, said the move would benefit “superspreaders” of hateful content. Speaking to The Guardian, CCDH chief executive Imran Ahmed said: “Only superspreaders of hate, abuse and harassment will benefit from this latest Twitter decision.”

He said the choice for advertisers has never been worse. To stand with and support Elon Musk, or to protect his brands and ensure that his marketing is not used to enable the spread of hate, abuse, and misinformation.

Why is this a big deal?

The acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk drew sharp reactions from various politicians, regulators and non-profit organizations. He raised concerns about Twitter’s content moderation policy from time to time. His concern is how Musk will handle the hate-spreading content on this micro-blogging platform. On Musk’s apology announcement, award-winning African journalist, Hopewell Chinono tweeted, ‘This will be a huge disaster, especially in Africa, where state-sponsored fake accounts have been suspended for endangering human rights activists and journalists. was. You will have blood on your hands for risking our lives @elonmusk.’

Apart from this, many experts have also questioned the transparency of this Twitter poll. They feel that bots can easily influence the results of such elections and therefore taking a decision on this is extremely irresponsible on Musk’s part. They feel that Twitter polls can be manipulated and there is nothing scientific in it. Reinstating previously banned handles is nothing new for Musk as since his acquisition he has already reinstated accounts belonging to Donald Trump, Kathy Griffin, Jordan Peterson and conservative satire site The Babylon Bee.

Griffin was permanently suspended for naming his account “Elon Musk” and making fun of the Tesla CEO. Peterson&B’s account was suspended for violating the company’s conduct policy. However, Musk said in a tweet that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones would not return to Twitter and would remain banned. He tweeted on November 21, ‘My first child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat. I have no pity for anyone who would use the death of children for profit, politics or fame. So, we don’t need to write off Musk’s intentions on the amnesty as he seems to have drawn a line on which accounts will stay in Twitter Jail and which won’t.

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