Why is the height of the Himalayas being measured? Such questions asked in UPPSC interview

Are you preparing for government job? If yes, then you can take help from the questions asked in government jobs to prepare for the interview. Read here questions asked in UP PCS interview.

Questions asked in UPPSC interview

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PCS 2021 interview in Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission is over. After the recruitment examination to be held on different 623 posts of UP, the interview was conducted on July 21 till August 5. UPPCS Interview In total 1285 candidates were selected, out of which only 1260 candidates appeared. Recently, the Allahabad Court had given a decision regarding this examination. Now the eyes of these candidates are fixed on the further process after the decision of the court.

Also asked questions from International events

On the last day of the PCS 2021 interview, good questions were asked by the candidates. If you are also preparing for any government job, then you must definitely consider the questions asked in the UPPSC interview. In the PCS 2021 interview, the candidates will also be asked questions related to current international events. The question was which drones and missiles were used to kill al-Zawahiri? What was the merit of that missile? China and Taiwan dispute, what is the name of Andaman and Nicobar tribes. The answers to the questions asked in the interview are given below. career news Read here.

Check here the questions asked in the interview

Tell us something on what is the China and Taiwan dispute.

Name the tribes of Andaman and Nicobar.

How many times Bhakti movements took place in India and what was their impact on society?

If Shankaracharya had not been there or his philosophy had not come, then how would Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) be at present?

How do you see Tipu Sultan as secular or religious?

What changes can be seen before and after the coming of Hindu Marriage Act?

Use of drones in disaster management.

Name the industrial districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Which controversy is going on in West Bengal?

Name the directors of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft?

What is the rank of India in medals received in Commonwealth Games?

Why is the height of the Himalayas being measured?