Why not play in IPL 2022? Chris Gayle replied, said- respect is also a thing!

Chris Gayle blames the league for not playing in IPL 2022

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Chris Gayle has blamed himself for not playing in IPL 2022 on his treatment in the league. Chris Gayle said that the last two seasons were very painful for me. I didn’t get the respect I should have got.


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May 08, 2022 | 7:23 am

No matter how big the stature is. The real earning is respect. It hurts when he gets hurt. just like Chris Gayle (Chris Gayle) Happened to, after not getting respect in IPL. Yes, he has disclosed this big truth in an interview given to ‘The Mirror’. He told all the things that shocked him. The last two years in IPL have been full of pain for Chris Gayle. Those moments made the universe boss (Universe Boss) He was so shaken from inside that he was broken. was filled with anger. And in the same anger, he took that decision, which had an effect on the fans watching IPL. He played IPL 2022 (IPL 2022) He decided not to put his name in the draft. Now when there is no name in the draft, then how can the franchisees buy them?

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Now the question is, what happened to Chris Gayle in IPL? What kind of behavior hurt them? And, he decided not to give his name in the IPL 2022 draft. Before knowing about it, just read what Chris Gayle has to say.