Will China attack Taiwan in the afternoon? Dragon waiting for Nancy Pelosi to leave

China Taiwan: Today is the last day of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. It is being said that Pelosi can leave from Taiwan around 2.30 pm on Wednesday.

China has dispatched fighter planes for the exercise.

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Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi China’s visit to Taiwan has chilled China so much that it has become frightened. Dragon has been accompanying Taiwan several times on this visit. America Has warned till now. Amidst all this, Pelosi on Wednesday president of taiwan Met and in talks targeted China. Now today is the last day of his tour. It is being said that Pelosi is around 2.30 pm on Wednesday afternoon. Taiwan can go from In such a situation, it is being feared that when Pelosi will leave Taiwan. China Military action can be carried out on it.

This is being said because China has also announced to conduct military exercises in the sea and sky around Taiwan. For this, China is also sending its missiles, fighter aircraft and missile defense systems there. It is being said that China will conduct this military exercise from Thursday to August 7. At the same time, in view of these antics of China, America has also deployed its powerful warship USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippines Sea.

America is also exercising

On the other hand, amidst China’s increasing military activities in the Indo-Pacific region, the US and Indonesia started annual joint military exercises on the island of Sumatra on Wednesday, indicating the further strengthening of mutual relations, in which other countries also participated for the first time. . The US Embassy in Jakarta said in a statement that more than 5,000 soldiers from the US, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Singapore are taking part in this military exercise this year. This military exercise was started from 2009.

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America will not back down from helping Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that the US delegation visiting Taiwan is sending a message that the US will not back down from its commitments to the self-governing island. Despite opposition from China, a delegation led by Pelosi is meeting several leaders in Taiwan. In a brief statement after meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, he said, “Today the world faces the challenge of choosing between democracy and autocracy.” America’s commitment to defending democracy in Taiwan and everywhere around the world remains unshakable.

China, which claims Taiwan as its territory and opposes talks of Taiwanese officials with foreign governments, announced several military exercises around the island and issued several strong statements after a US delegation arrived in Taiwan’s capital Taipei on Tuesday night. did.

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