Will inflation increase further? Understand from experts when will you get relief

TV9 Bharatvarsh | Edited By: Richa Ojha

Updated on: Mar, 25, 2023 | 11:00 AM

Inflation is at its peak in the country and it has spoiled the budget of common people. In such a situation, when will you get relief from inflation, understand in this video of Money9.



Despite the decrease in wholesale inflation in the country, the inflation of finished goods by the companies is not taking the name of reduction and due to this retail inflation remains at the upper level. There is little hope of reducing the inflation of milk. The supply of milk in the country is limited, along with the cost of milk production has also increased due to expensive fodder. Because of this, there is little hope of reducing the price of milk in summer. The share of milk and milk products in the retail inflation rate is 6.61 percent.