Will not be broken by Jos Buttler, this player made a ‘big claim’, ‘I will break Virat Kohli’s record by playing just 10 matches’

Jos Buttler has scored 627 runs in 13 matches of IPL 2022.

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Jos Buttler has 627 runs in 13 matches played so far in IPL 2022, while Virat Kohli scored 973 runs in IPL 2016 with 4 century innings.

Jos Buttler starts IPL 2022 (Jos Buttler) The way he had done, the amount of smoke he had done, everyone felt that this time Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) He will break the record of most runs in a season. But then his run-scoring pace came to a standstill. Now after 13 innings, the result is that Jos Buttler has lagged behind in terms of catching Virat Kohli. Now seeing Butler backward in the race Yuzvendra Chahal (Yuzvendra Chahal) In a funny tone, he has talked about breaking Virat Kohli’s record. Not only this, Yuzvendra Chahal, who is leading the race for Purple Cap in IPL 2022, also said that he is concentrating all his attention on opening the innings with Butler.

Rajasthan Royals had also recently posted a post on Twitter, in which Chahal was seen joking with Butler on the nets. Rajasthan Royals has played 13 matches in IPL 2022. In these 13 matches, Chahal has taken 24 wickets and he is ahead in the Purple Cap race.

‘I will break Virat Kohlu’s record in just 10 matches’

In a video interview given to Cricinfo, Chahal has mentioned about breaking the record of Virat Kohli. He said that, “If he had got a chance to open the innings, he would have broken not only Jos Buttler’s but every record.” He said that, “I think now I will break the record of 973 runs made by Virat Bhaiya. And, if I get a chance, I should do this work only in 10 matches. Because I have to score a century in every match. Saying this, Chahal started laughing. ,

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Opportunities are there but will Butler be able to cash in?

Jos Buttler has 627 runs in 13 matches so far this season, while Virat Kohli scored 973 runs in IPL 2016 with 4 centuries. There are chances of Rajasthan Royals playing the playoffs. That is, Joss Butler will have opportunities. But, the way his batting seems to be diving in the second half of the tournament, after that it does not seem that there is any threat to Virat Kohli’s record. That is, if Virat Kohli’s record of 973 runs is to be broken, then Jos Buttler will have to bat well, appear in the same form in which he was seen in the first 8-9 matches of the season.