Will not fail even on number 0, Lucknow University implemented new policy

In Lucknow University, every student of the first semester will be promoted to the next. Students of BA, B.Com and B.Sc first semester will not be failed even if they get zero marks in the next class.

First semester students will not fail in Lucknow University

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Every student wants that he should get good marks, in the name of failure only the students get sweaty. But if you come to know that you have no option to fail then how good it will be. But now it can happen, Lucknow University And no students will be failed in the first semester of BA, B.com and B.sc in the colleges coming under it. Even if you get zero number, you will not fail, but will be promoted to the next class. This will be the first time that no student will be failed in the first semester.

what is the reason

The decision to not fail any students has been taken because the National Education Policy 2020 has been implemented at the undergraduate level in Lucknow University as well. Only those students will be failed who will not follow the rules of UFM or will not appear in the examination. Students who will appear in the first semester examination, but will not fail due to low marks. Why not their zero number? The benefit of this facility will be available to the students of BA, BSc and BCom as well as all undergraduate courses under NEP.

About one lakh 22 thousand 268 students will benefit from this. Lucknow University had recently released the result of B.sc first semester, but in this examination many students got less than the passing marks. On this, the university had made it clear that the students would be promoted to the next class. In this examination, about 10 thousand students have got less than 25 percent marks. government job recruitment Click here for

In the third semester, the examination of the subjects failed in the first semester will have to be given

Under the new education policy, students who fail in the first semester will be promoted to the second class. After that, when the students go to the third semester, then the first semester examination will have to be given. The subjects in which the students failed will appear for those subjects. Back pressure on LU will be less. career news Read here.