Will Pucovski suffers a concussion for the 11th time, career in danger

Will Pucovski: 24 years old Australia cricket team Opener Will Pucovski has been a victim of concussion 10 times since he stepped into the world of cricket. Concussion means hitting a ball on the head. For this reason, he is currently away from the cricket field as well. Now he has once again become a victim of a concussion, but this time he was a victim of a concussion in the volleyball court. There is news that he may have to retire from cricket now.

How did Will Pucovski become a victim of concussion 11 times?

Will Pucovski suffered a shoulder injury after India’s tour of Australia in 2021 and was expected to open for Australia in the just-concluded Ashes series after returning from its surgery, but before that he had suffered a 10th concussion. Fell victim and was out of the series.

He suffered a head injury during a training session with Victoria, which later delayed his return to the Sheffield Shield. Pukowski scored 54 in the first innings against South Australia at the Adelaide Oval, but was replaced by Travis Dean in the second innings due to a concussion. Pukowski’s first head injury was during an Australian Rules football game when he was a teenager.

Eight times he has been hit on the head by a bouncer ball, while once he was hit on the head while diving to complete the run. Apart from this, he has also been a victim of this once at home and once on the field also he was hit on the head.

Cricket Victoria chief executive Nick Cummins has said Pukowski was hit on the head during a game of ‘solllyball’. To warm up before the training session, a game is played by combining soccer and volleyball, which is called solleyball. Victoria batsman Marcus Harris said Pukowski was very unlucky, as he had literally hit it in his own head.

Is Will Pucovski’s cricket career in danger?

Will Pucovski

Will Pukowski’s career was already in jeopardy after 10 concussions and now after the 11th concussion, there are reports that he might have to retire from cricket. However, Victoria coach Chris Rogers said it was too early to speculate that this latest injury could force Pukowski to retire.