Will Smith’s daughter Willow spoke on the slap incident, said- I see my family as a human

In the year 2022, Hollywood actor Will Smith slapped Oscar host Chris Rock on stage in front of everyone. Now Will’s daughter Willow has disclosed something on this incident.

Will Smith’s daughter Willow reveals Chris Rock was slapped at Oscars 2022

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hollywood actors Will Smith Hosted the event in front of everyone during the Oscar event held in the year 2022. Chris Rock was slapped. After this news came out, everyone criticized Will Smith and after that he was banned from Oscar event for 10 years. However, Will Smith also apologized to Chris Rock, but now Will Smith’s daughter willow smith Has disclosed on this slap incident.

I see my whole family as one human being – Willow

Willow has told Billboard in a recent interview that, ‘I see my entire family as a human being and I love and accept them for all humanity. Because of the situation we are in, sometimes our humanity is not accepted and we are expected to do this kind of kart which is not right for a healthy human life and to be honest It’s not right either.’

Will Smith’s wife was mocked by Chris Rock

Actually, Chris Rock made fun of Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith while commenting about the bald head and for this joke Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the event in front of everyone. Last month, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock for the second time in a video shared on his Instagram account. In this video, he also apologized to his mother and also apologized to his family including Chris Rock and clarified that his wife had asked him to make a choice during Oscar night. Will also said that he had reached out to Chris but comedian Chris Rock was not ready to talk.

Will Smith was banned for 10 years

After this incident, the academy banned Will Smith for 10 years. This decision was taken after the actor resigned from the academy. A few minutes after this controversy came to the fore, Will Smith was given the Best Actor Award for the biopic film ‘King Richard’.

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Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock

even before hollywood actors Will Smith wrote a note in which he said, ‘Violence in all its forms is poisonous and destructive. My behavior during the Academy Awards last night was not acceptable and deserved an apology. Jokes are part of my job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to bear and everything I did was an emotional reaction.’