With PUBG Battlegrounds Update 15.2, the excitement in the game will increase! Know what’s special about it!

Players are going to get a new update very soon in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Crafton has announced update 15.2 for the game. With this, drones will also be included in the game. The update has arrived in the public test server and soon it will come to the live server as well. With this update, the game will include tactical gear as well as drones and a new tutorial mode. Apart from this, improvements have also been made to Win94, VSS rifles and mini maps. A new lobby theme has also been added to the game.

a blog Post In 2012, Crafton announced new tactical gear, game modes, and other improvements that will be included in the game with update 15.2 for PUBG Battlegrounds. The updates will be uploaded to the live public servers from January 12 and will be available to players after that.

PUBG: Battlegrounds tactical gear- Drones

Now players can search in the map with the help of drone. The drone can be accessed in normal match, custom game, training mode and sandbox mode. The drone will also have the ability to pick up the looted items and bring them back to the player. Players can launch the drone by toggling on Drone View. However, drones blink lights and make noise while in flight, so they cannot be kept secret.

After entering Drone View, players will not be able to move around and after coming out of it, the drone will continue to fly at its current position. The drone can only reach a radius of 300 meters from the controlling player and is capable of withstanding a variety of attacks.

PUBG: Battlegrounds tactical gear- EMT Gear

Like the drone, the EMT Gear will now be available in every map, normal match, custom game, training mode and sandbox mode. The gear will have two bundles of bandages. But using them will reduce the player’s flexibility in battle. Injured players will be able to recover faster with the use of EMT gear.

PUBG: Battlegrounds new game modes

In Basic Training Mode, players will go through five stages – basic character movement, loot and gun shooting, throwing loot and throwing objects, using healers, and recovering fallen teammates. This is the first tutorial and it is necessary for the player to complete it in order to reach the next stage, which is an AI training match.

There are 99 bots in an AI training match that tell you how the match progresses. Players will also have to complete several lobby tutorial missions that have different achievements. These can be achieved only once in an account.

The new update of PUBG: Battlegrounds also brings a practice range in which players can hone their shooting skills. The indoor practice range is built in the training mode itself. It has a pop-up target practice mode as well as a moving target practice mode.

Some improvements have also been made to the Win94 and VSS rifles in the game. Now both can be used without a scope which makes them better suited for close range combat. Crafton has also improved the screen ping marker. It will not be available in Ranked and eSports mode. Along with this, the company has also improved the graphics of the mini-map, so that more details can be seen in the map. Along with the new theme, a new lobby interface will also be seen in the game.