Woman claims Apple Watch was showing symptoms even before starting thyroid treatment

Apple Watch is proving to be a great device for people who care about health and fitness. There have been many such incidents, when users have been saved from reaching a critical situation due to Apple Watch. In this era of corona epidemic, a study has shown that Apple Watch was able to identify possible Kovid-19 symptoms up to 10 days before the actual onset of the disease. The recent case is related to a Tiktok user using Apple Watch. Apple Watch recognized the changes taking place in the health of the user.

Sydney-based Tiktok user Lauren has shared a Video has made. Through her video, Lauren has told that her Apple Watch tracks heart rate and other body changes. Lauren is battling thyroid and is undergoing treatment for it. Lauren has told that even months before starting treatment, Apple Watch was telling about her health condition. Lauren says that if she had turned on notifications on her Apple Watch, she would have already known about her situation. Lauren came to know through Apple Watch that her stress level increased due to low oxygen intake. Lauren had been experiencing symptoms like fatigue, irritability for a long time.

Lauren has told from her experience that Apple Watch can prove to be helpful in situations where one’s medical condition can become serious due to increased stress. The sensors present in the Apple Watch give important information related to health and fitness. This is the reason why the use of Apple Watch is increasing rapidly among the people. Its fall detection mechanism feature has also saved many lives.

Despite the many benefits of Apple Watch, there have been allegations of not being secure on it. A lawsuit in the US a few months ago claimed that every Apple Watch model ever made has an “unsafe defect”. This claim is specifically made with the fact that the Apple Watch lacks internal space to accommodate the bloated battery. Claims that Apple Watch poses an “unknown and unreasonably dangerous security threat.” The case bears the name of every model from Apple Watch to Apple Watch Series 6.



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Prem Tripathi

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