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Woman’s face burnt due to fire in iPhone charger

Incidents of fire in a smartphone or charger are not new. According to the latest report, a 17-year-old girl in Birmingham, England, whose name is being described as Amie Hall, has been the victim of a similar incident. While sleeping at night, something went wrong with the girl’s iPhone charger and it caught fire on her blanket. It is a matter of serious injury to Hall, but he shared some pictures on his social media, which suggests that the accident could have been bigger.

Of Birmingham Mail Report It is said that on 18 March, Amie Hall, a 17-year-old girl living in Birmingham, England, put her Apple iPhone on charging while sleeping and she put the phone inside her blanket and went to sleep. After a while, he allegedly saw orange sparks on his blanket and on seeing his blanket caught fire. Chahar also had a burn wound on his cheek due to his phone, which he also shared on his Facebook page, according to the report.

Describing the event in detail to the publication, the woman said (translated) “I closed my eyes to sleep and lay down for about five minutes … [तब] I am orange [स्पार्क] Seen shining. I got up and ran downstairs and called my mother. “She further said” I just want to make sure that people pay attention so much – this [ऐसी घटनाएं] And could be worse. “

Birmingham Mail says that Apple had the charging cable near the hall, but its adapter was from a third-party company. However, it has been said from the hall that their charging adapter was from Apple.

Currently, Apple is trying to find out the cause of the fire. The company has advised users to follow safe charging standards. The company has a special for this The page Is also made. There is also a point in the company’s standard that users should not charge their iPhones or other Apple devices in places where there is moisture or areas that are not ventilated. This may cause the charger to overheat or cause a short circuit due to moisture. Apart from this, we would advise you to always use original cable or charging adapter sold by the company.<!–


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