‘Women will run to kill him’, why Mukesh Khanna said this for Ratna Pathak Shah

Actor Mukesh Khanna has strongly objected to Ratna Pathak Shah’s statement which he gave regarding Karva Chauth. Ratna had expressed surprise on this that even educated women in today’s time keep the fast of Karva Chauth.

Ratna Pathak Shah and Mukesh Khanna

Film actress and wife of actor Naseeruddin Shah Ratna Pathak Shah In a recent interview, he said something about Karva Chauth, to which many people objected. Now actor Mukesh Khanna has also objected to this. He has said that this is a very irresponsible and childish thing. The country stood up against his statement. The women of the biggest house keep Karva Chauth on their own wish, it is a very beautiful festival.

Are educated women observing Karva Chauth?: Ratna Pathak Shah

Actually, Ratna Pathak had said that our society is becoming very conservative. For the first time in the last 40 years, someone asked her last year if she was observing Karva Chauth fast for her husband. On this Ratna said that I am mad? She goes on to say that is it not terrible that modern educated women do Karva Chauth so that their husbands can grow old. If seen in the Indian context, widow is a terrible situation, so she wants to keep widowhood away from it. Really? How are we talking in the 21st century? Are educated women doing this?

On this, Mukesh Khanna has now said that leave the illiterate women, leave the women of the village, the women of the biggest house keep the fast of Karva Chauth, husband supports them. What a beautiful festival this is. If she does this even in superstition, and after seeing the moon, she breaks the fast, then what can be more beautiful than this. what the fuck are you doing.

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Our religion runs on faith: Mukesh Khanna

They say you are a fool. Does studying teach you this? What kind of studies have you done in which it is written that what is happening in Hinduism is superstition and what happens in any other religion is not superstition, it is faith. We are living in superstition, so big our Sanatan Dharma is living in superstition, if we are living in superstition then we are living well. Our faith is better than yours. Our religion runs on faith. Mukesh said that He said this in an interview That is, if they dare to say this by going to a village, then the women there will run to kill it. So don’t interfere in our faith, don’t cross the border.