Won’t work! BCI gets tough on lawyers, if you leave advocacy then you will have to give AIBE again

The Bar Council of India has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court regarding the new guidelines for advocacy. Law graduates who are out of practice will have to re-appear for AIBE exam.

BCI has made strict rules for the practice of advocacy (symbolic picture)

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If you have studied Law, or are going to do LLB / LLM, then definitely read this news. The Bar Council of India has become very strict regarding the rules of advocacy. Now your mind will not be able to run. If you think that you get a job somewhere else for some time, then when you feel like you will advocate.. then it will not happen. For this you have to prove your ability again. re AIBE Exam Will have to give In this regard, the BCI has also filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court.

Lawyer license will be canceled in 5 years

In the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the BCI said that “if a person/law graduate takes up some other job and leaves the legal matters, his practice license will be cancelled.” For this you will get 5 years time. If he wants to practice law again, then for this he will have to give the AIBE exam again.

It is clear that if you gave the All India Bar Exam after studying law. Passed and you got the license of law. But leaving law, you went to some other job. Meanwhile, you had nothing to do with advocacy. So in such a situation, after 5 years, your license will be canceled by the Bar Council. That is, you will no longer be a lawyer.

If after 5 years you feel like practicing law again, then you will not be able to get up straight and start this profession again. You will have to sit again in the All India Bar Exam. Must pass the exam. Only after that you will get the lawyer’s license again.

If the decision is not taken in 6 months then the hard work will be in vain

After passing the exam, you will be given 6 months to think whether you want to practice law or go for some other job. If the decision is not taken in 6 months, then your hard work to pass the exam will be in vain.

Supreme Court had also given the decision

In April, the Supreme Court also gave this decision in a case. The court had said that a person involved in any other profession can be provisionally enrolled in the Bar Council. But to practice he has to clear AIBE exam. The court had also said that the final decision is to be taken by the Bar Council whether AIBE exam will be required again for this or not.