Word of the year: 3 words of English entered the ring, you have to choose the winner, vote here

Oxford Languages ​​has given people the option to choose the Word of the Year. For this, voting can be done by visiting the official website.

Voting for the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year

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The ring is ready for the word of the year. This time three words of English are going to enter the ring. However, the responsibility of getting two hands between these words is going to be with the people themselves. In fact, for the first time people from all over the world have been allowed to vote to choose the Oxford Word of the Year 2022. Oxford Languages Has announced this. The team of expert lexicographers has selected three words from a long list of many words. These words are – metaverse (Metaverse), #IStandWith (I Stand Word) and goblin mode (Goblin Mode).

Voting has started and people will have a chance to vote till December 2. Oxford Language’s official website for people to choose the Word of the Year languages.oup.com will go on. On the homepage, you have to scroll down and go down, where you will find What is your Word of the Year 2022? One has to choose any one of the three words appearing in the section. Your vote will be counted as soon as you click on any one of the three. So far more than 2.7 lakh people have voted.

What did Oxford Languages ​​say?

At the same time, last year Vax was chosen as the word of the year. Oxford Language said, ‘2022 has been a year that has been for us to reconnect with each other. However, we are able to physically meet each other once again and have come together. But our world seems more divided than ever before.

It further said, ‘Keeping in mind this shift, we want to give everyone the right to choose the Word of the Year. For the first time in history, all the people of the world will be able to choose the Word of the Year. All these three words have been relevant this year in different ways. Let us know about them.

Metaverse: This word means that we see the concept of the future. From hybrid working to virtual reality, the term has been thrown around to debate the feasibility of an online future. In October 2022, this word has been used four times as compared to last year.

StandWith: This word is used to express one’s support for social work or an issue. On social media, this word was also used to support a person.

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Goblin mode: Goblin Mode is a new concept. This word means doing the work of your mind by denying the expectations of the society which are imposed on the people. The word was first used in 2009/10, while after the lockdown its use went on increasing.