Worked all night in the factory, used to eat biscuits to fill the stomach, after a year ate food for the day, the story of this Mumbai player will make you cry!

Kartikey Singh impressed in the very first match, (IPL Photo)

When this player made his debut for Mumbai Indians, he impressed a lot with his bowling, the variations of this player caught everyone’s attention but the journey of this player has not been easy.

Mumbai Indians win IPL 2022 after eight consecutive defeats (IPL 2022) registered his first victory. He got this victory against Rajasthan Royals. Mumbai played well in this match and hence the victory came to its share. Mumbai Indians in the same match (Mumbai Indians) One such player came out of the team, which everyone was surprised to see. the name of this player is Kumar Karthikeya Singh, Kartikeya (Kumar Kartikeya Singh) He is a left arm spinner. He bowled against Rajasthan and found that he has the ability to throw all the balls with the left hand. For example, he was also throwing traditional wrist spin and along with it also bowled googly, finger spin, carrom ball. This skill of Kartikeya surprised everyone. About this skill of Karthikeya and about his journey, his coach Sanjay Bhardwaj posted on the website espncricinfo has been told in detail.

Karthikeya went to Bharadwaj’s academy 15 years ago today and Bhardwaj, who has coached players like Gautam Gambhir, Amit Mishra, supported this player in every difficult situation and today it is the condition that Karthikeya is also playing Ranji Trophy and IPL. as well. Although Kartikeya is from Kanpur but he came to Delhi to become a cricketer. He had promised his father that he would not put financial burden on his family. His friend Radheshyam lived in Delhi with whom Karthikeya knocked on the doors of many academies but expensive fees did not let his footsteps go ahead.

factory job

Then along with Radheshyam, he reached Bharadwaj who made up his mind to give him coaching. But to live and eat, Kartikeya worked in a factory near Ghaziabad. There they got the room. He would work in the factory at night and then come for coaching in the morning. There was no money on them and they also had to fill their stomachs. In such a situation, he would walk several kilometers so that he could eat biscuits by saving 10 rupees and give rest to the stomach. When Bharadwaj came to know that he was living so far, he kept Kartikeya with his cook. From here Karthikeya focused only on cricket.

Recalling Karthikeya’s trial, Bhardwaj said, “His bowling action was very smooth. He used his fingers very well. I liked his specialty.”

cried when i got food

By the grace of Bharadwaj, Kartikeya was staying in his academy. Bhardwaj recalled the first day of his stay at the academy, “When our cook offered lunch to Kartikeya, he had tears in his eyes because he had not eaten lunch for a year.”

Coach only reached Madhya Pradesh

From here his journey started, which reached the team of Madhya Pradesh through many local tournaments in Delhi. Bhardwaj had sent Amit Mishra to Haryana and he knew that Kartikeya’s talent would not get a place in Delhi and that is why he sent Kartikeya to Madhya Pradesh. Bhardwaj said, “I had seen its potential and hence spoke to my friend Ajay Dwivedi, secretary of Shahdol Cricket Association, about Kartikeya. Kartikeya went there and played division for two years.

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improved wrist spin

Karthikeya made his Ranji Trophy debut from Madhya Pradesh in 2018. He was now living in Bharadwaj’s hostel in Bhopal. This is where he started improving the wrist spin. Bhardwaj said, “He used to practice bowling whenever he was free. Many times he would reach Bhopal hostel from Indore at night and practice bowling by lighting the lights at night. He has a passion that has only grown in the last nine years.”