World Bank Report on Heat wave in India humans will not be able to survive threat to crores of jobs

A report by the World Bank has given a big warning for India. It is understood by all that the heat is increasing every year in the country. The summer season starts early and lasts till late. Winters also do not fall like before. The heat wave which usually prevails in the areas of North India in May-June is now troubling people in April as well. The World Bank report has warned that very soon India will face such severe heatwaves, which will be out of human tolerance. India will be the first country in the world to face these conditions.

The World Bank has released a report. Its title is Climate Investment Opportunities in India’s Cooling Sector (Climate Investment Opportunities in India Cooling Sector), This report has been produced in partnership with the Government of Kerala. The report says that India is facing a relatively hot summer. This summer starts early and lasts till late. Giving examples in the report, it has been explained that this year summer started early in the country. People were facing heat from the month of March itself and in April Delhi’s temperature had reached a record 46 degree Celsius.

The most worrisome aspect of the report is the upcoming heat wave. It is feared that very soon the heat wave intensity in India will cross its limit. Such hot winds will blow, which humans will not be able to tolerate. Even before this, it was said in a report that in the coming decade, there will be more cases of dangerous heat wave in the Indian subcontinent. Apart from this, the G20 Climate Risk Atlas had also warned last year that severe heat waves could be seen in India in the coming times. Between the years 2036 to 2065, the heat wave will remain for a long time.

The World Bank report warns that the increase in heat will affect the country’s economic production. 75 percent of the country’s workforce ie about 38 crore people live in hot areas. It is estimated that by the year 2030, out of 80 million jobs that will be lost worldwide due to heat, 34 million jobs will end in India. Most of the work time is wasted in India due to heat. In the coming time, its effect is expected to be visible on India’s GDP as well.



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