World Champion was beaten up by loved ones, kicked and punched those who broke Neeraj’s dream VIDEO

Javelin throw world champion Anderson Peters won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games

anderson peters is world champion player

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India’s Javelin star Neeraj Chopra broke his dream of becoming world champion anderson peters He was mistreated in his own country due to which he was injured. According to the news of the Caribbean National Daily, some people beat up this star player and threw him out of the boat. The city police and the Granada Police Association gave information about this.

Anderson became world champion after defeating Neeraj

Anderson is Grenada’s biggest superstar athlete. Recently, he recently won the gold medal at the World Championships in Eugene. He won the title for the second time in a row by throwing a throw of 90.54 meters. He broke the dream of becoming a world champion from Neeraj Chopra. However, in the Commonwealth Games, he could not once again win the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games. Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan snatched the opportunity from him.

Peters was beaten up in Grenada

He returned to his country after the Commonwealth Games. That’s where this incident happened to him. Police said that some people on the harbor boat scuffled with Peters. In a video viral on social media, five people are seen beating 24-year-old Anderson Peters. He was thrown down from the boat during the fight itself. According to the Granada Olympic Committee, Peters is undergoing treatment.

Brian Lewis, president of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committee, said, ‘I cannot express in words that I am deeply sorry for this incident. It is very sad to see what I saw in the video. The ship on which this incident happened belongs to the trade minister’s son. Giving an official statement, the Olympic Association said that the people who attacked Anders were foreigners, not from Granada. Along with this, he also told that the player has not suffered any serious injury in this incident. He is now taking care of the player’s recovery and is keeping a close watch on the matter.

Peters was warmly welcomed

Anderson Peters returned to Granada on Tuesday after winning a silver medal in the men’s javelin throw at the Commonwealth Games. Peters received a warm welcome upon his return to the country. He finished second in the Commonwealth Games with a best effort of 88.64, while Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan won the gold medal with a personal best throw of 90.18m.