World News Bulletin: Taliban killed 100 Afghans, two planes collided in Dubai, read 5 big world news

Latest World News: Many big events have happened on Thursday around the world. The common citizens of Afghanistan are bearing the brunt of the growing terror of the Taliban. The Taliban have now started attacking civilians and killed 100 people. Syria has accused Israel of conducting an airstrike. China has built the world’s largest detention center. Two planes collided at the Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates today. Let’s know in two minutes five big news of the world-

1.) The terror of the Taliban is increasing rapidly in Afghanistan. The government has said that the Taliban have attacked homes located in the country’s Spin Boldak area. Due to which 100 civilians died. It is a border town, which shares its border with Pakistan.

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2.) Syria has accused Israel of conducting an airstrike there for the second time within a week. Air strikes have been carried out in the southeast of northern Aleppo province. A British organization said the attack targeted the weapons of fighters backed by Iran.

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3.) China has built the world’s largest detention center. According to a report, its size is twice that of Vatican City. It has been prepared to keep Uighur Muslims. These people living in Xinjiang are being massacred by China and torture them by imprisoning them like this.

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4.) A major accident kept happening at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. There was a collision between two planes on the taxiway. Giving more details in the matter, the officials said that there is no report of any casualty.

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5.) Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa reached the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. During this, he met the army personnel posted at the Pakistani post. There is news that Taliban terrorists were also present at the Pakistani post.

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