World’s largest meat supply company had to pay ransom after cyber attack, hackers took $ 11 million

JBS Confirsm to Give 11 Million Dollar Ransom: In America, cases of cyber attacks on big companies and then demanding ransom from them are increasing rapidly. Recently, a company doing meat supply company of the world was also cyber attacked. Which is a Brazilian company, but its business is spread in many other countries including America. Now news has come that this company named JBS has paid a ransom of about $ 11 million to the hackers who broke into its computer system at the end of last month.

Brazil-based JBS said it was the victim of a ransomware attack on May 31, but on Wednesday the company’s US division admitted for the first time that it had paid a ransom. Andre Noguera, CEO of JBS America, said, ‘It was a very difficult decision for my company and for me personally. However, we felt that this decision has to be taken to avoid any apprehension of danger to our customers.

FBI appealed

JBS said it paid the ransom money when most of its centers were offering their services, but decided to pay to avoid any unforeseen problems and to ensure confidentiality. The FBI blamed the attack on Reville, a Russian-speaking gang that demanded the biggest ransom ever in recent months. The FBI said it would continue to work to hand the group over to the law. He appealed to the victims of the cyber attack to immediately contact the bureau.

Targeted multiple servers

The ransomware attack targeted servers supporting JBS’ operations in North America and Australia, and meat production was disrupted for several days. Earlier, Colonial Pipeline, a major US fuel company, also became a victim of cyber attack. This company had given 4.4 million dollars (about 32 crore 20 lakh rupees) as ransom. At first the company did not say anything about it, but later its CEO had confirmed the ransom being paid in an interview.

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