Worship was done by sitting on the feet of her husband, also answered the trollers, know who is this actress

Recently a lot of photo of South actress Pranitha Subhash went viral. They are worshiping the husband sitting on the chair while sitting on the ground. Although he has replied to the trollers.

Pranitha Subhash

Image Credit source: Instagram

Actress working in Tamil and Kannada films Pranitha Subhash Recently shared some photos on Instagram. In this, she can be seen sitting on the ground, while her husband is sitting on a chair and she is being worshipped. With the photos, Pranitha wrote the caption – Bhimana Amavasya. People gave mixed reactions to this. Some trolled him and some supported it.

One wrote that respect you for following Hinduism. One wrote that you get every happiness. One user commented that be modern but don’t forget your roots. One wrote that it is good, but why only the wives have to follow the rituals every time, why not the husbands? Others wrote that what is this happening? And whose feet are on the plate? One wrote that the culture of slavery.

Pranita likes customs

The actress has also reacted to this. He told ETimes that I am an actor and this field is known for glamor, it does not mean that I do not follow the customs. Along with trolls, I have also got support. Everything has two sides. But in this case 90 people said good things, I ignore the rest. Last year also I followed this practice when I was newly married. She has been following the customs for a long time. She says that she is a traditional girl and loves everything related to values, family, customs. Sanatan Dharma is a concept which is very beautiful and embraces all and I am a firm believer in it.

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Worked in Bhuj: The Pride of India and Hungama 2

Pranitha married businessman Nitin Raju in 2021. Both also have a daughter. He was last seen in Ajay Devgan’s Bhuj: The Pride of India was seen in. The actress has worked in many popular Kannada and Tamil films. She made her debut in the Kannada film Porki in 2010. Apart from Bhuj, he has also worked in the Hindi film Hungama 2.