Wouldn’t have seen such strange bowling action, will come to remember the film Lagaan, watch video

The action of this bowler has created a ruckus. (Pic Credit George Mcmenemy)

Many bowling actions have been seen in the world of cricket, but recently the action of a bowler living in England is becoming viral on social media.

In the world of cricket, you must have seen the action of many bowlers. If a bowler’s action is such that seeing beautiful words come out, then seeing some action like this gets scared. Some action is such that seeing who can bowl like this? Lasith Maling’s action was very strange and the same was the case with South African spinner Paul Adams. But in recent times, another bowler has come forward, whose action is very surprising to see. This player is an international cricketer No, but a cricketer playing in a village in England. The name of this player is George McNamee.

George’s bowling action has made headlines at the moment. His action is being discussed a lot at this time. George is not a fast bowler. He bowls slow but his action is very strange. He comes from the umpire with one hand up. Just like a bowler used to do in Aamir Khan’s film Lagaan. Then he beats his feet like a dance step and then throws the ball. His ball goes very slowly in the air.

Told himself the worst cricketer

George has tweeted the video of his bowling and has also described himself as the worst cricketer. He tweeted and wrote, “Friends, I can be webkoof. I may be the worst cricketer in the world, but this game has saved my life. Has improved my mental health and has given me a chance to be happy and has given me a chance to be proud of my wonderful mother in heaven. Cricket I love you very much.”

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Jones praised

Of course, George’s action is not special and many people are left laughing at this, but what he has written is very clearly written. Former England fast bowler Simon Jones praised George and wrote, “Well done George.” Responding to this, George wrote, “Simon you made my day friend. Hopefully the ECB will consider it when I send my application for the Test match to be held at Headingley.