Wrestler badly injured during the match was admitted to the hospital, the opposition player said – I am the best, had to be reminded

American wrestler Mac Holloway suffered a severe injury to his left eye.

Image Credit source: Max Holloway instagram

After badly injuring US wrestler Mac Holloway, the opposition player said that he just wanted to remind himself that he is better.

There are frequent reports of players getting injured from the playground. Sometimes it comes to the lives of the players. Recently, a wrestler from America was rushed to the hospital after being seriously injured. American wrestler Mac Holloway during a featherweight title fight against Alexander Volkanowski at UFC 276 (max holloway) Got badly injured. He suffered a severe injury to his left eye and was bleeding profusely throughout the match. By the end of the match, his condition worsened.

A lot of effort was made to stop the blood

He was taken to the hospital soon after the match. During the second round, his left eye was badly cut. During the entire match, he was seen battling this injury. Within no time, his entire face was covered in blood. He was also ordered to be taken to the hospital immediately. During the match, a lot of effort was also made to stop his blood, but due to the deep cut, his blood did not stop despite all the efforts. The video of this match is becoming quite viral on social media. One user said that I have not seen such a bad cut till now. Max is a very strong player.

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Now Volkanovsky can enter lightweight

Talking about the match, Volkanovsky was declared the winner. All the judges gave him a score of 50- 45. After defending his title in featherweight, Volkanowski can now switch to lightweight. The belt is technically empty after Charles Oliveira’s recent weight controversy. Volkanowski said after the win that I knew I was better, I just wanted to remind myself. Champion said that I want to be busy and I don’t think it can keep me busy. I want to go ahead and become a double champion.