WTC Final: Seeing this practice of Team India, the head will be dizzy, but fielding will be fine in the final. IND vs AUS WTC Final: Indian Team fun catch practice in England video

Akshar, Shardul and Umesh have started practicing after reaching England.Image Credit source: BCCI

New Delhi: On the one hand, everyone’s attention is on the last two matches of IPL 2023 in Ahmedabad, on the other hand, several thousand kilometers away from this attention. Team India A part of the team has started preparations for the World Test Championship final. This final is to be played between India and Australia from June 7 in London. For this, some players of Team India have reached England and started practicing and seeing the video of one such practice will make your head spin.

This final match is to be played between India and Australia from June 7 at the Oval in London. Some players of Team India like Virat Kohli, Shardul Thakur, Ravichandran Ashwin, Akshar Patel have already reached England for this final. At the same time, the remaining players including captain Rohit Sharma will reach after the IPL final.

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Dizzying Catch Practice

Now those who are in England have started practicing. Team India is currently practicing at the Kent Cricket Ground in England. The practice of the team started from Thursday itself. Now a funny video of this practice has been shared by BCCI in its social media account. This is such a video, due to which the fielding of Indian players is sure to improve, but seeing this, the eyes will be confused.

In this video, total 5 players including Shardul, Akshar, Umesh Yadav and Akash Deep are in a small circle and each has a ball in their hands. Then at the behest of fielding coach T Dilip, all five started practicing catching by throwing balls towards each other.

Fielding will be fine in WTC Final

Now it is very difficult to drill this practice, seeing this it is not easy for the spectators to pay attention to all the 5 balls. Although obviously the effect Indian players Key catching can be affected and they can become much better on this front. Overall, the goal of any such training is that Team India should not make any mistake in the finals starting from June 7, which can be a huge burden on them.

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