Xiaomi’s smart scarf that protects against cold has arrived, the temperature will not feel cold even in minus, along with 5000mAh powerbank free

At the end of the year, there is usually a very low temperature in many places. For example, according to reports in China, the cold wave is expected to be the strongest in the winter season since November 26. More than 30 provinces, regions and cities will be affected by this weather. Chances of rain, snow and strong winds are also being expressed here. To prepare for winter, Xiaomi has launched a smart temperature control heating scarf.

Features and Specifications of Xiaomi Smart Temperature Control Heating Scarf

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun told about this new product from his Weibo page. This smart heating scarf is used to keep the user warm. To do this it uses a built-in DuPont thermal insulation filling material. It adopts both high-purity carbon nanotube film heating technology and temperature sensor in one way. This scarf heats up in just 3 seconds. The heating temperature can be set at 3 levels – 38°C, 45°C, and 50°C. The large heating sheet present in it not only protects from the cold but also keeps the neck warm.

In terms of safety, the scarf also offers over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit, open-circuit and other protections. If something goes wrong, its system will automatically power-off. It can also be washed in the washing machine.

xiaomi smart temperature control heating scarf price

This smart heating scarf is also quite affordable. Talking about the price, its price has been kept at 149 yuan ($21). currently in china Youpin Can be purchased from website. Also to be noted, if you order the Smart Temperature-Controlled Heating Scarf, you will get a free 5000mAh power bank.