Y20 India Event held at University College London, students from 22 countries came on the stage of India

Y20 India Event: The Y20 India Young Minds Conference was organized by the Young India Dialogue in collaboration with the Indian National Students Association in London, the capital of Britain.

Y20 India Program

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Y20 India: The program of Y20 India was organized on Friday evening at the world famous University College London. The event was organized by a student group called Young India Dialogue in association with Y20 India. Two representatives of Y20 UK James and Ritvik and Y20 India representative Falit Cesaria attended the event. This program is part of a two-day international conference named Y20 India Young Minds Conference.

It may be noted that the Y20 India Young Minds Conference is being organized in London by the Young India Dialogue in association with the Indian National Students Association. The purpose of this program is to spread the idea of ​​India’s Vasudev Kutumbakam to the world under the G20 Presidency of India.

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On Friday, the participating students discussed 5 topics in different groups, which would later prepare a report and present it in the Y20 meeting to be held in India. Participating students of Indian and foreign origin had an in-depth discussion on important topics for solving global problems.

What did the representative say about Y20?

Representative in India’s Y20, Falit Cesaria said that many types of programs are being organized in India regarding Y20, but this is the first program to be held outside India. It is our effort that we can get to know their views from as many youth as possible, so that there can be a good discussion about the solutions on the international platform of Y20. He said that it is a matter of pride for me that I have been able to participate in organizing consultation programs abroad under the Presidency of India.

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Siddharth Yadav, the organizer of the program and the founder of Young India Dialogue, said that we are going among all the students with the idea of ​​India’s one world-one family-one future. Organization of counseling programs outside India also reflects the democratic values ​​of India. 65 participants from 22 countries participated in the program, which showed the global nature of the program and the power of India. Monday will be the second day of the conference in which prominent speakers from across the country and abroad will participate in the conference.