Yadea KS3 Lite Launched, Cheap Electric Scooter That Can Run 25Km On Single Charge, Know Price

Chinese company Yadea, which makes electric vehicles, has launched another cheap electric scooter. The company has called it the Yadea KS3 Lite Urban Electric Scooter. As its name suggests, the scooter is a lightweight electric vehicle (EV) designed for urban commuting. Yadea KS3 Lite comes in two color variants. It has been designed in pink and yellow color, whose frame is in black color. The company launched its cheap electric scooter Yadea KS3 last year but Yadea KS3 Lite has been launched at a lower price. The scooter has a 187Wh battery. With this the scooter can go up to 25 km in a single charge. The scooter is quite light in weight and can be easily kept in a small space.

Yadea KS3 Lite Electric Scooter price, availability

The Yadea KS3 Lite electric scooter is priced at $379.99 (approximately Rs. 28,000). There is also a discount of $ 76 (approximately Rs 5,500) on this scooter when purchased from Amazon. It is a budget friendly scooter that comes in Pink and Yellow colours. The frame of the scooter is of black colour.

Yadea KS3 Lite Electric Scooter features

The Yadea KS3 Lite Urban E-Scooter is a light weight electric two-wheeler that comes with a foldable design. Its weight is only 14 kg. This is an entry level scooter. Yadia is the world’s largest electric scooter manufacturer, whose efficiency is reflected in this scooter as well. Despite being so light, this scooter can easily move with a weight of up to 100 kg, says the company.

The Yadea KS3 Lite electric scooter has a 187Wh battery. With this the scooter can go up to 25 km in a single charge. This means that the scooter can be carried for short distances. Which is very useful for driving on urban roads. It is not designed for long distances. In the front, a brake drum has been given inside it. There is regenerative braking system at the rear. Apart from this, this smartphone also supports wireless connectivity. It can be connected through the Yadea app.



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