Yamaha wants to launch its electric scooter in India as soon as possible, the range will be 60 km!

Electric vehicle market in India is growing very fast and this is known to many popular two-wheeler companies, due to which all the giants are launching their own electric two-wheelers in India. With the good sales of electric scooters from Bajaj and TVS, it seems that Yamaha is no longer looking to delay the launch of its electric scooter in India. It is expected that the company is planning to launch its first electric scooter in India in the coming two to three years.

Speaking to ET, Eishin Chihana, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India said Told That the speed of vehicle electrification in India has surprised the company and is “accelerating” product development for this market.

He said, “With rising fuel prices, coupled with low fuel efficiency of (petrol-powered) scooters, we expect the penetration (of electrification) to be very high in the scooter space.”

The report further states that Yamaha’s electric scooter is currently being developed by the R&D (Research and Development) team in Chennai. It is likely to be manufactured at Yamaha’s facility in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu. The company also expects that their electric scooter will perform similar to the 110-125 cc petrol scooter and can have a range of 50-60 km per charge.

The company will launch its Neo scooter in Europe this month. The company’s chairman said that the option being built in India can be a good solution for international markets including Europe.<!–