Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai June 8 Updates: Seerat will find a bride for Kartik, know the full update of the show

In the episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (yeh rishta kya kehlata hai), today you will see that Ranbir, Seerat and Kartik all three reach the hospital. There they learn that Ranveer’s mother has fallen down on her own from the stairs, Narendranath has no hand in this. Kartik, Seerat and Ranveer threaten Narendra Nath that “nothing should go wrong this time”.

Ranveer stands up crying. Chauhan realizes his mistake and urges Ranveer to come back home and end the fight, but Seerat refuses to be with Chauhan.

Seerat went to Ranveer’s house

On the other hand Ranveer’s mother comes to her senses, Ranveer’s mother shows her face by wearing a bracelet to Seerat while in the hospital and she tells both of them that “you both go home”. Seeing his mother’s condition, Ranveer agrees to go home with Seerat, but Seerat does not like this at all and gets very angry, then Karthik explains to him that “Don’t go thinking that you You are going to Narendra Nath’s house thinking that you have to fix Ranbir’s mother now.

Seerat understands Kartik’s point and Seerat agrees to go to Ranveer’s house with Ranveer, after which Ranbir’s mother enters Ranveer and Seerat’s house.


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On the other hand, Manish explains to Karthik that he should pay attention to what Seerat has said, he says that “we are not asking you to forget Naira, we are just saying that life alone is not told, you should marry your marriage.” should think about.”

In tomorrow’s episode you will see that “.Seerath and Ranveer have gone to pick a girl for Kartik’s wedding”.

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