You can get IIM tag even after doing MBA from foreign university, know how

Every year a large number of students from the country go for MBA from foreign universities. Let us tell you today about such a university, from where you will get IIM Certification after doing MBA.

Do MBA from University of Western Australia

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the most sought after degree in the business sector. MBA gives students an opportunity to make a great career in the field of business and management. During this course, students are taught the necessary knowledge and skills through which they can grow in their career. There are some of the best institutes to do MBA in our country. Among these, the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) is counted as the best institute.

The matter of doing MBA from IIM is something else. This is the reason why youths across the country work hard to get admission in IIMs. Some students also go for MBA from foreign universities. But they do not get IIM status. However, there is also a foreign university from where one can get the tag of IIM even after doing MBA. Actually, the MBA program offered by Australia’s University of Western Australia (UWA) is recognized worldwide. Along with this, it also gives the certification of IIM.

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Features of the UWA Global MBA

The UWA Global MBA program is designed to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need in their careers. Many types of subjects including finance, marketing, operation and strategy will be covered in MBA program. It also gives students the option of specialization in any one area of ​​business.

For example, students can do specialization in areas like entrepreneurship and sustainable business. During the course, real work experience is also given through industry placements, case studies and field projects.

Advantages of IIM Certification

Doing MBA from University of Western Australia is also beneficial because students will be given certification from Indian Institute of Management (IIM). This certification is considered the most prestigious and respected in the Indian business sector. This certificate is awarded to those students who have completed the program at a high standard.

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An IIM certificate is proof that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to make a career in business and management in India.