You smoke cigarettes, but are happy, your friend does not smoke cigarettes, but is unhappy, so know whose age will be longer?

There is no doubt that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. One cigarette can shorten a person’s life by 11 minutes. But there is one thing, which is more harmful than cigarettes and due to this, our life can have a very bad effect. Scientists say that unhappiness can shorten your life even more than the harm caused by smoking. Data from nearly 12,000 Chinese youth showed that poor mental health conditions such as feeling lonely, hopeless and restless sleep can cut a person’s average lifespan by one and a half years.

Our elders have said that worry is like a pyre, but due to hectic life, work stress and many personal reasons, people are troubled nowadays. Scientists say That mental health is as important as physical health. People pay attention to their fitness, but there is very little awareness about mental health.

A team of scientists from China and the US has done this research while investigating a new AI ‘aging clock’. The study’s lead author, Dr Fedor Galkin, said that people with stroke, liver, lung diseases and smokers age more rapidly, but our study shows that people with weak mental status also age faster.

He said that those who feel hopeless, sad and lonely tend to age faster than smokers. Research has revealed that the life span of smokers is reduced by 1.25 years, while for psychological reasons, the life span is reduced by 1.65 years. That is, your poor mental health can be more dangerous than smoking.

Researchers say that living in a single and rural environment also affects lifespan, but its effect is very less. Manuel Faria, a study co-author and neuroscientist at Stanford University, said that mental and psychosocial conditions are extremely important to our health, yet their existence in modern healthcare has largely decreased. Scientists say that the psychological components should not be overlooked during studies linking aging.