You will be able to make drawing, navigation and dragging photos on the car window.

A few years ago, did you ever think that you could make a drawing on a window with your fingers? How would you feel if you were told that this could happen? What we’re talking about is a touchscreen window, which allows you to entertain while still looking out of the window. BOE has come up with a new solution to make people’s imaginations come true with their new invention, the Transparent OLED Interactive Window.

Different experience will be available during taxi and ride

Beijing-based display panel maker BOE has showcased its new transparent OLED technology as a panelist at SID Display Week 2022, according to Gizmochina. The key focus of the technology is to enhance the passenger experience on the vehicle with transparent OLED interactive windows.

use of best technology

According to BOE, this transparent OLED interactive window uses industry-leading transparent OLED display technology with a screen size of 12.5 inches and a transparency ratio of up to 45 percent. The window can be installed in the front or rear of the car on the passenger side.

Features of Touchscreen OLED Interactive Window

In terms of features, you can draw, read navigation details, check the weather and even take photos with this company’s new touchscreen OLED interactive window. These features are especially attractive for ride-hailing services like taxis that can help commuters manage their time in the car when they are stuck in heavy traffic jams.

can be used for advertising

BOE said that ride-hailing companies can also use these OLED transparent windows as a video advertising space that could not be done on the old windows. With the invention and use of transparent OLED screens, it seems that Alternate Reality (AR) can be integrated with our current reality, further enhancing multitasking for the new generation.<!–


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