You will become a professor without a PhD! UGC approves Professor of Practice post

In a higher education institution, up to 10 percent of the posts will be recruited as Professor of Practice. The maximum tenure on this post will be up to four years.

Professor Of Practice Approved

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University Grants Commission (UGC) has been permitted by the Professor of Practice in the Higher Education Institution. Professor of Practice is a faculty position in which industry and professional experts can be recruited to teach in colleges without any formal academic qualifications. According to the UGC rules, up to 10 per cent of the posts in a higher education institution can be recruited as Professors of Practice. The maximum tenure on this post will be up to four years.

To be eligible under the Practice of Professor, candidates must have 15 years of service experience. Candidates who have made significant contribution in sectors ranging from Science & Technology and Social Science to Media and Armed Forces will be considered eligible for this post. Currently, a PhD is required for the post of a regular professor or associate professor.

What was said in the guidelines?

Regarding the new post in the UGC guidelines, it was said, ‘A formal academic qualification is not required, if they have excellent professional experience in return. These experts have also been exempted from publication and other eligibility criteria required for recruitment of faculty members at the professor level. However, professionals should have the skills to fulfill the responsibilities of their department.

The UGC said that this step will work to increase the faculty resource in universities and colleges. Along with this, the information about the necessary practice and experience in the real world will be available to the students in the classroom only, who often do not have the necessary skills.

The guidelines said, “Many industries are now hiring graduates and provide them with training before hiring them. Involving industry experts in teaching will benefit both the industry and higher educational institutions.

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These three new categories were created

UGC has created three new categories, in which Professor of Practice will be funded by Industry, Professor of Practice will be funded by Higher Education Institution and Professor of Practice will be funded on Honorary Basis. As per the guidelines, the job of the Professor of Practice will be to prepare and develop the curriculum and curriculum. Apart from this, he will also give lectures to the students.