You will soon be able to ‘Exit’ the WhatsApp group silently, the new feature has been spotted

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for its users, in which users can come out of a group silently. Currently, if a user exits the group, other members of the group get to know about it in the group. This will not happen after the introduction of the new feature. The new move of the instant messaging app will give an opportunity for people to leave the group without any hesitation. This can definitely prove to be a handy feature for many people.

A WhatsApp beta tracker shared by WABetaInfo screenshot As per the notification, the instant messaging app will notify the user exiting a group that only he and the admin of the group will be notified of his/her exit. This means that other members of the group will not be able to see that one of them has left the group.

As we mentioned, currently, when a user exits a group, WhatsApp shows an auto-generated notification. This information is visible to all the members of that group as well as the admin.

WhatsApp announced the ability to leave groups silently a few days ago while giving information about its community feature. However, when exactly it will be available to users, the exact details are yet to be disclosed.

The WABetaInfo report states that the screenshot he has shared has been taken from the recent WhatsApp Desktop beta. However, this change is likely to be available for Android and iOS versions as well.<!–