Your car will change color like a chameleon, watch this amazing BMW paint feat in the video

BMW has shown an amazing paint, which changes color automatically. In the world’s biggest technology event CES 2022, the company introduced this paint through its latest electric car iX. The color of the BMW iX electric car shown in the demo was changing automatically. This paint scheme from the German automaker can switch between two different colours.

A video shared by Twitter user Out of Spec Studio (@Out_of_Spec) shows the BMW iX switching between white and dark gray on its own. Some time back, BMW reportedly confirmed that the company will be showing a technology that will change the exterior color of the vehicle with a single button.

In this short video, we can clearly see that the car changes color from white to dark gray and back to white in a jiffy. It does not change color all at once, but color also moves from front to back. It sounds like an animation. The tipster also revealed that the paint technology is very sensitive to temperature.

This is definitely an early technology and many changes will be made in it in the coming time. However, its commercial launch may be difficult considering the criminal activities.

As we mentioned, this paint scheme was displayed on the BMW iX electric car, which launched in india It’s over. The iX electric car will be sold in India for a starting price of Rs 1.16 crore. Its only XDrive40 trim will be available in the country.

The BMW iX xDrive 40 is capable of producing 326hp of power and 630Nm of peak torque. BMW claims that the xDrive 40 can accelerate from 0-100 kmph (kph) in just 6.1sec and has a top-speed of 200 kmph. It comes with all-wheel drive, which gets a dual electric motor set-up with one motor on each axle.

The BMW iX xDrive 40 gets a battery pack of 76.6kWh capacity. According to WLTP Cycles, the xDrive 40 has a claimed driving range of up to 425km. The car can also be charged with a home socket of 2.3kW capacity. The battery can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in 36 hours using a 2.3kW charger. There is also a fast charger option, which can fully charge this battery pack in just seven hours.<!–