YouTuber Arrested After Birthday Bash video On Car Roof Go Viral watch here more details

To attract attention on social media, people are often seen doing strange things. These include those who perform road stunts. But when it comes to rules, then doing these stunts also becomes costly. A person making videos on YouTube found it expensive to do such a stunt. The man celebrated his birthday by climbing out of the sun roof of a moving car on the beach road and shot a video. When the video went viral, it also reached the police. Then what happened next, we tell you.

YouTube Like to become famous on social media platform youtuber Stunting on birthday proved costly. of our partner website Report According to a YouTuber named Prince Dixit, on December 16 last year, on the occasion of his birthday, uploaded a video on YouTube. This video is of National Highway near Ghaziabad which leads from Akshardham to Ghaziabad.

It can be seen in the video that the man is standing on the sunroof of the car with another friend. It was fine even here. But there was a convoy of other vehicles running around his car. All these cars were running encircling the entire road. Due to which other vehicles running on the road also started facing problems. Loud music can also be heard playing in the background. But the man and his friends didn’t pay any heed to the inconvenience being caused to other people and continued their hooliganism.

video viral When this happened, it came to the notice of the police and the person was arrested for breaking the traffic rules. According to the report, the police say that they have taken cognizance of the matter. A complete investigation is being done in this regard. It has also been talked about taking legal action against the accused after properly ascertaining the time of the incident, and after thorough investigation of the matter. <!–


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