Yusuf Pathan became a victim of controversy because of this

Yusuf Pathan Controversy: Yusuf Pathan shared a picture with his wife this afternoon. Because of that picture, now Yusuf Pathan is seen getting surrounded by controversy. Due to this controversy, Yusuf Pathan is also trending a lot on social media. Although this picture is getting likes as well as people are also commenting funny on it.

Yusuf Pathan victim of controversy

This afternoon Yusuf Pathan shared a picture of himself and his wife on his Instagram account. In this picture you can clearly see Yusuf but you will be able to see only the eyes of his wife in this picture. The reason for this is that in the picture shared by Yusuf, he is wearing a turban on his head and his wife is wearing a hijab in which his entire face is hidden and only his eyes are visible. Because of this Yusuf has become a victim of controversy. Although people are liking this picture but at the same time they are also commenting funny on it.

Yusuf Pathan’s reason for being a victim of controversy is because of sharing a picture of his wife’s hijab. Recently, there is a controversy about Hijab in the country and in the meantime Yusuf Pathan has shared a picture of Hijab with his wife. Just now a fan wrote in the comment on this photo, ‘Hijab my rule my life.’ However, before this, Yusuf Pathan’s brother Irfan Pathan has also been trolled because of the hijab.

hijab controversy

Let us tell you that last month there was a protest against Hijab at Government Pre-University Women’s College in Udupi, Karnataka. It was alleged by 6 college students that they were prevented from entering the class for wearing hijab. After this, the controversy about this has increased a lot. Even the Chhatras decided not to take the exam and opted for the hijab.