Yuzvendra Chahal’s hands and feet were tied and tape was tied on the mouth

Yuzvendra Chahal (Yuzvendra Chahal) has remained in the headlines these days due to his statements and many revelations. After the revelations made by him, some cricket pundits have also shared their reaction on this. Meanwhile, another issue took hold, which Yuji had told some time ago on RCB’s podcast. On this shocking revelation of his, the matter has now reached till the questioning. Let us also tell you about what Yuzvendra Chahal had told and why Andrew Symonds and James Franklin of New Zealand would be questioned about this incident.

Durham in action over Yuji’s case

  Durham James Franklin to inquire about Yuzvendra Chahal

In fact, while talking on the RCB podcast, Yuji had revealed the incident when he was part of Mumbai Indians (MI) many years ago. During that time, part of Mumbai was also Andrew Symonds of Australia and James Franklin of New Zealand. Both these players had tied their hands and feet and left them in the room with tape in their mouths.

A statement has been issued on behalf of Durham on this matter. In which he is questioning all the members involved in the case, regarding the role of the current head coach James Franklin in this incident. This incident happened during the 2011 Champions League tournament. During that time, Symonds, Franklin and Chahal were associated with Mumbai Indians. Yuzvendra Chahal told that Franklin and Andrew had left him tied up all night and the next morning someone came and saw him from the cleaning staff.

I had taped my mouth with hands and feet tied – Yuji

I tied my hands and feet with tape on my mouth-YuziI tied my hands and feet with tape on my mouth-Yuzi

Recalling this matter, Yuzvendra Chahal said while talking in RCB’s podcast some time ago,

“It was after winning the Champions League in a hotel in Chennai in 2011. He (Andrew Symonds) drank a lot of “fruit juice” (laughs). I was only with them. James Franklin and he tied my arms and legs and said ‘Now you have to untie’.

He was so much in fun that he taped my face and forgot everything about me. The party was over and in the morning when a sweeper came, he saw me and opened me. He asked since when I was here like this I told him, ‘Raat se hi’.”

Durham issues statement on Yuji’s case

  James Franklin  James Franklin

According to Yuzvendra Chahal, neither of them even apologized to him after such a big incident. Let us tell you that Yuji had mentioned about this surprising incident a few months back. But, in a recent conversation with Rajasthan Royals fellow player Ashwin, he had told about another shocking incident. Without naming the player, he said that the player had hung him from the 15th floor.

Currently speaking to the BBC about Franklin’s role in Yuji’s case, Durham said,

“We are aware of recent news reports surrounding a 2011 incident in which a member of our staff has been named. As with any matter involving employees, the Club will speak privately with all parties involved to determine the facts.”